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Expertly engineered to the highest standards

Machine Knives for Convenience Foods

Expertly engineered, precision blades from Sheffield.

Convenience food processing demands efficient production lines. As your order rates increase, it’s important that the machinery you have is reliable and able to cope with day to day operations.

Poorly performing blades can result in reduced yield, machine breakdowns and backlogs. When you have the right precision blades, you can power through even the most challenging of tasks and demanding of production schedules.

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Creating a new standard

Engineered in our Sheffield factory from high-quality steel.

Our ultra-sharp knives and blades for convenience foods are expertly engineered to the highest standards and we undertake detailed quality checks on all of our projects to make sure that they meet our industry leading standards.

We have a range of blade variations in stock, including OEM machine knives for the most trusted names in the convenience foods industry like Multivac, Mondini, ILPRA and Sealpac and engineered to the very highest manufacturing standards.

Need a customised machine knife, fast?

Not all blades work for all operations. You might need something bespoke. As well as supplying a range of convenience food processing and packing blades, we also offer customers a custom design service where we can build a specific design that fits in with your convenience food production line. Not all blades work for all operations.

Browse our range of convenience food machine knives or contact us to find out further details on our custom orders.

Sheffield Made

precision engineering

High grade stainless steel

Custom Design

Our machine knives are expertly engineered to perfectly fit all leading brands

Sheffield Made

Precision Engineering

High Grade Stainless Steel

Custom Design

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