Materials & Coatings

Supercharge your production

MRMK produces replacement machine knives in a variety of materials that meet or exceed OEM requirements. Upgrading the base material and adding a wear coating will extend your blade’s life, resulting in a reduction in downtime.

MRMK delivers better blades, lower prices and industry leading rapid lead times

Our machine knives are engineered to meet your needs, focused on optimising your operations.

Tool Steel

Provides greater resistance to wear and tear through it’s high carbon and alloy content, providing improved toughness making it an excellent choice for use in demanding production or packaging environments. Examples include D2 and O1. 

High Speed Steel (HSS)

Used in the most demanding of environments, high speed steel provides the best level of wear resistance and toughness within MRMK’s standard product range. Made with high levels of Chromium and Tungsten. Examples of HSS include M2 and M42.

Carbon Steel

Low cost carbon steels are available, used commonly for paper, plastic or rubber cutting applications, these blade sacrifice durability and wear resistance for its spring-like flexibility and low price.

Carbide Blades

Production or packaging line in constant use? You need a blade that will work continuously without service disruption. A variety of grades of carbide are available as standard. Carbide blades commonly last 10-20x as long as standard steel blades.

Stainless Steel 420

Very strong and has the capacity to easily handle significant usage. They can be ultra-sharp, durable and long-lasting, offering precision cuts and reliability. Food-safe and rust-free!

Stainless Steel 440

Made from high carbon stainless steel and hardened to offers more strength and resistance to everyday use. These blades will remain rust-free for as long as they are maintained.


Used in constrast to steel blades, Ceramic blades are 2nd in hardness to only diamond, as a result it keeps a razor sharp edge for much longer. Ceramic blades are not porous and therefore stay cleaner too. No metal = no rust! Ceramic material is also very light and therefore easier to fit onto machines.

Powdered Steel

Powder steels are incredibly hard, and allow them to have razor-sharp edges, that retain their sharpness for a lot longer than standard steel blades. Powdered steels are lab-generated and are made up of a near-perfect mixture of all the desired elements of a knife. It should be noted, all this comes at a significant cost.


The first blade technology exclusively created by our in-house team of engineers. Experience razor-sharp edges, precision cuts and enhanced durability.


PTFE (Teflon®) Non-Stick Coating

Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating

Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) Coating

Electroless Nickel Plating

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating

Introducing InfinitEdge®, the new groundbreaking blade coating technology from MRMKLearn More