High quality, precision machine processing knives.

Machine Knives for the Seafood and Fish Industry

Expertly engineered, precision blades from Sheffield.

Did you know that the right machine knives can make your seafood and fish operations more efficient?

You’ll need the right equipment to make the process easy, effective and as fast as possible. We specialise in the supply of high quality, precision machine processing knives engineered for the seafood and fish industry.

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Creating a new standard

Engineered in our Sheffield factory from high-quality steel

Manufactured from hardwearing stainless steel, our ultra-sharp precision blades meet rigorous safety and quality standards. Ideal for all aspects of seafood processing such as dicing, slicing, beheading, gutting, portioning, packing and more.

Our machine knives and industrial blades are ideal for a variety of applications to making them a practical and convenient addition to your business.

For many years, we have been producing long lasting precision blades for the seafood and fish industry, supplying leading brands and expanding our customer base. Each knife undergoes a thorough manufacturing process to ensure that the blades deliver precise, fast cutting each and every time. Our customers trust us to consistently deliver the best and we aim to provide a food processing blade that maximises cutting performance.


Need a customised machine knife, fast?

Our expert engineers can create custom blades which are built around your exact specifications and our manufacturing process combines traditional knife grinding techniques with modern technology to create a tailored blade for your seafood processing business.

Find out more about our machine knives or contact us today to discuss a custom order.

Sheffield Made

precision engineering

High grade stainless steel

Custom Design

Our machine knives are expertly engineered to perfectly fit all leading brands

Sheffield Made

Precision Engineering

High Grade Stainless Steel

Custom Design

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