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Top frequently asked questions
How does MRMK design new products?
Our products are based on OEM samples, drawings or even broken and worn blades that have come straight off a machine, and can be adapted in whichever way the customer desires. Our experienced technical team work tirelessly to draw up dozens of new, custom or standard designs each day.
How can I contact MRMK?

Our dedicated customer service team is available Monday to Friday. You can call us on +44 1909 519 815, or email us with your enquiry or question, at [email protected]

How long have MRMK been established?

MRMK was created in 2008 by Michael Bailey, and has quickly grown to be a world leading manufacturer of industrial machine knives, known internationally for high quality, reliability and exceptional service levels. In 2020, MRMK received significant investment from Foresight Group, who increased manufacturing capabilities, reducing prices and allowing MRMK to help service more customers on a global scale.

Where is MRMK located?

MRMK was born in the centre of the Steel City, the home of Stainless Steel, Sheffield. MRMK continues to operate here in a custom-built facility, which they moved to in 2017.

What does MRMK mean?

MRMK stands for M.R. Machine Knives. The “M” and “R” come from Michael, the founder of the company, and Ricco, the initial investor.

What makes MRMK’s products different to the rest of the competition?

By owning one of the world’s best machine knife factories we’re able to break the decades-long cycle of overcharging and under delivering and do things the MRMK way–focused on customer satisfaction.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the machine knives you use, so ours are designed to be effective, durable and to deliver a precision cutting experience that reduces downtime.

What products does MRMK specialise in?

MRMK’s expertise in machine knives spans across a wide variety of products, including those for the meat, seafood, poultry, fruit, vegetables industries, and much more. MRMK specialise in providing the sharpest and most reliable cutting edges, for ANY blade.

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