Choose one that’s the perfect fit for your poultry processing machine.

Machine Knives for Poultry Packaging and Processing

Expertly engineered, precision blades from Sheffield.

Processing poultry products without the right blades can be time-consuming and inefficient. Our machine knives won’t let you down, even in the most demanding of environments.

Expertly engineered in lots of different sizes, so you can choose one that’s the perfect fit for your poultry processing machine.

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Creating a new standard

Engineered in our Sheffield factory from high-quality steel.

Blades that you can depend on to cut through even the most challenging of products, no matter how complex or challenging your poultry processing system is. From increased yield through to reduced downtime, our selection of industrial machine knives and blades for poultry processing are just what you need.

For circular blades, they come in a range of widths and bevels and you can have them with or without scallops, notches or slots. Our blades will match or beat any OEM brands that you use. How? With our expert manufacturing processes, meticulous quality control and expert design.

Our stainless steel will ensure the longevity of the blades and reduces corrosion too – a problem for busy production lines. Blades are machine ground to meet very tight tolerances, in order to maintain quality and consistency each and every time.

We stock a wide range of blade variations, including OEM machine knives for the most trusted names in the poultry industry like Marel, Stork, Foodmate, Linco, Meyn and Mayekawa and engineered to the very highest manufacturing standards.

Need a customised machine knife, fast?

Innovation, consistency and quality go into every product that we engineer. What’s more you can even work with us to build your very own custom blade. Get in touch today to talk to our machine knife experts.

Sheffield Made

precision engineering

High grade stainless steel

Custom Design

Our machine knives are expertly engineered to perfectly fit all leading brands

Sheffield Made

Precision Engineering

High Grade Stainless Steel

Custom Design

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