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Machine Knives for Tobacco and Cigarettes Cutting

Expertly engineered, precision blades from Sheffield.

Looking for tobacco knives or blades that will make your operations easier and more efficient?

Having the right presicion knives can make all the difference, keeping production lines moving and customer orders fulfilled.


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Creating a new standard

Engineered in our Sheffield factory from high-quality steel.

Specialising in superior tobacco and filter cutting knives, we supply all kinds of customers from small production lines to vast production facilities producing many thousands of products every day.

Our ultra-sharp cutting blades can be found in every stage of tobacco processing from slitting and filter cutting through to packaging for cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco based products.

Each one of our blades or knives is made to the highest of standards, designed and engineered to last with materials and edge profiles that will keep your operations going when you need them to be working at peak performance. Our razor sharp blades are made from the hardest of carbides, ensuring your production keeps running without any issues.


We stock a wide range of blade variations, including OEM machine knives for the most trusted names in the tobacco and cigarettes industry like Multivac, Mondini, ILPRA and Sealpac and engineered to the very highest manufacturing standards.

Need a customised machine knife, fast?

We also supply a variety of unique and custom made knives which are made to your exact specifications. Find out more or browse our range of tobacco blades.

Sheffield Made

precision engineering

High grade stainless steel

Custom Design

Our machine knives are expertly engineered to perfectly fit all leading brands

Sheffield Made

Precision Engineering

High Grade Stainless Steel

Custom Design

Introducing InfinitEdge®, the new groundbreaking blade coating technology from MRMKLearn More