How to Optimise the Performance of Your Packaging Blades
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30 May 2022
Marginal gains. Have you ever heard of the term? It’s the idea that small, incremental improvements can make a big difference. The performance of your packaging blades can be a perfect example of marginal gains in action. By improving the performance of your packaging blades, you can make a big difference to the performance of your business. To find out how, keep on reading…

Why packaging blades are important

Can packaging blades really make that much of a difference to your overall operations?


Today’s processing industries are highly competitive, with companies across multiple industries from food and drink processing to pharmaceuticals and paper (and more) looking for the slightest advantage, no matter how marginal.

That’s where packaging blades can provide you with a competitive advantage.

By fitting your machinery with packaging blades that are more reliable, offer more precise, consistent cuts, and which reduce downtime, you can gain an advantage over competitors that use cheaper, less reliable blades.

Looking beyond the immediate, first-order impact of better machine blades, it’s also possible to yield further benefits. For example, by improving the performance of your packaging blades you can also improve the performance and reliability of the machines to which they are fitted.

How to improve packaging blade performance

Now that we’ve established why packaging blades are important, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can improve the performance of your packaging blades.

Choose the very best blades

We realise this may seem like a ‘no brainer’, but you’d be surprised how often companies overlook this point when it comes to their packaging blades.

All too often, companies will, without thinking, simply order packaging blades from the OEM providers of their packaging machines, without realising that there are far more affordable and superior alternatives available.

Sure, it’s possibly more convenient to place a ‘reorder’ with an OEM, but the truth is, you’ll be paying over the odds. Instead, it’s far better to order your packaging blades from a company like MRMK where we have made it our mission to produce knives which are both better value, and better quality, than standard OEM replacement blades.

Don’t just settle for ‘standard’. There are far better alternatives out there.

Choose blades which embody the latest developments in metallurgy, manufacturing and more

Science never stands still. The companies from which you buy your blades shouldn’t either.

You should ensure that the packaging blades that you buy incorporate the very latest developments in edge preparation techniques, materials science and more.

At MRMK we provide packaging blades across a broad range of industries, including; baking, dairy, meat processing, fruit and veg, seafood, poultry, tobacco, snack foods and more. We incorporate the learnings from each of these industries and ‘cross pollinate’ them, taking what works well from one industry and making sure it is incorporated into others.

Blades come in a huge array of different shapes, designs, sizes and materials. You want to make sure that you’re buying blades which are manufactured to the highest specifications and are aligned with the latest industry-leading standards.

In effect, by buying your packaging blades from MRMK, you benefit from the learnings and ideas of multiple industries.

Choose blades which fit your machines

Again, this may seem like a rather obvious point, but you’d be surprised at how often generic blades find their way into specialist machinery.

When a blade doesn’t properly fit in its holder then irregular wear patterns will quickly emerge, not only shortening the operational lifespan of the blade but resulting in poor quality and irregular cuts.

Aside from the blades themselves, poorly-fitting blades can also cause damage to your packaging machinery, lead to repair costs, downtime and more.

Because of this, it’s vital that you choose packaging blades which are manufactured within tight tolerances and within the specifications outlined by packaging machinery manufacturers.

MRMK is able to do this.

Consider coatings

One of the most cost-effective ways that you can optimise the performance of your packaging blades is to utilise effective coatings.

By using an effective coating on a packaging blade you can improve the lifespan of a blade and improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Here at MRMK, we’ve developed a new blade coating which is widely regarded as an industry-first; InfinitEdge.

InfinitEdge is designed to outlast all other coatings on the market and provides powerful cutting performance combined with smooth, uninterrupted production.

Don’t just take our word for it though, consider what this technical stores buyer has to say:

“The way MRMK manufacture blades means that they are far quicker for our engineers to sharpen as they put them on the machines. This may only seem like a marginal gain, but over time it makes a big difference”.

Again, we come back to the point about marginal gains. Over time, using the right, high-quality blades in your packaging machinery will result in cost savings, higher profit margins and much more.

Choose blades which can be reground

In order to achieve maximum value from your packaging blades, you should choose blades which can be easily and consistently reground.

After all, why buy blades which need to be continually replaced? It can make much more financial sense to choose blades which can be reground, extending their lifespans and saving you time and money.

At MRMK we offer a premium service which will renew your packaging blades and get them back to cutting with razor-sharp precision in no time.

Because of the materials we use, the way in which we design our blades, and the coatings we use, our blades are able to be reground in a way in which others cannot.

Choose MRMK for your packaging blade requirements

As you can see, MRMK is perfectly placed to provide you with the packaging blades you need.

Situated in the global heart of the steel production industry, MRMK’s team of experts stay up to date with the latest manufacturing developments, heat treatment procedures, developments in metallurgy and more, meaning that when you buy an MRMK blade, you’re buying the best blade on the market.


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