Why Leading Brands Choose MRMK to Manufacture Their Machine Knives
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18 May 2022
Machine knives may only be fairly small components, but they can make a big difference. From improved efficiency to reduced downtime, quality machine blades matter. Which is why it’s important that you purchase your blades from a reputable knife manufacturer like MRMK. Keep reading and you’ll find out why the world’s leading food, drink, medical, tobacco and other manufacturers choose MRMK for their machine knives…


Look at the very best businesses, regardless of industry, and you’ll find a common theme.

They have a ‘why’, an ‘ethos’, a ‘mission’.

They’ve been established in response to a problem or need that they’ve identified. They’ve spotted a problem that they know they alone can solve.

MRMK is no exception.

MRMK found that there was a major gap in the machine blade market.

On the one hand, you had OEM manufacturers who were offering blades that, whilst high quality, were prohibitively expensive. In many cases, food and drink manufacturers felt beholden to these OEM manufacturers as they didn’t realise that there were alternative blades that would work just as well with their machinery and plant.

On the other hand, you had very cheap, poor-quality blades that not only had a short lifespan but would also often damage machinery and plant due to their poor manufacturing tolerances and inadequate fit.

There was a definite need for a company that could produce OEM-standard (or better) machine blades, at a price point that was far more competitive than OEM blades.

At MRMK we’ve filled that niche, offering blades that embody a consistent balance between quality and value for money.

It’s why more and more of the world’s leading food and drink processors and manufacturers are choosing MRMK blades for their machinery and plant.

We sum up our mission as follows:

“Great quality blades without the upcharging.

We always seek to build friendly, long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, with the highest levels of satisfaction guaranteed”.


At MRMK we take quality seriously.

We want you to be able to purchase your machine knives from us with absolute confidence.

That’s why we employ experienced, qualified draughtsmen who take pride in crafting the very best machine knives.

We also employ a dedicated inspection and quality team that carefully scrutinises every blade and knife before it leaves our premises.

Between these two teams and our other in-house experts, MRMK is able to answer the most intricate, technical questions, no matter how niche they may be.


We are dedicated to working with you collaboratively throughout the entire blade production process.

Every step of the way MRMK will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are quickly met down to the very last detail.

When we receive your enquiry, our production team will study your requirements in order to provide an accurate production time estimate.

Once you have approved the drawing produced by our production team, the manufacturing process will begin. This is followed by a thorough inspection process, where we work with you to ensure that the blades that have been produced, exactly meet your specifications.

We know that machine blades are not a one-size-fits-all process – and our collaborative approach to customer service reflects this.


We know that there is a wide range of machinery and plant in use across the global food and drink processing industries.

That’s why we place a particular emphasis upon ensuring that our machine blades are expertly engineered to perfectly fit all leading brands.

No matter who has manufactured your machinery, it’s likely that the experts here at MRMK can produce machine blades that will be a perfect fit.

It’s for that reason that, to date, we have supplied machine blades to processors and other companies in over 50 countries worldwide.


Machine blades have to withstand considerable abuse.

We are well aware that today’s food and drink processing industries are fast-paced, demanding and require minimal downtime of machinery.

With profit margins being tighter than ever, it’s vital that your machine blades are able to produce precision cuts, time after time.

That’s why here at MRMK we’ve focused on producing the most reliable machine blades in the industry.

Our InfinitEdge® technology produces blades that are designed to outlast all other coatings on the market.

InfiniteEdge® creates machine blades that will reduce downtime. Why? Because InfiniteEdge® not only improves cutting performance, but also increases uptime as it creates blades that last far longer than the industry average.

InfiniteEdge® really is an industry breakthrough, so we’d encourage you to find out more about it.

It’s one of the main reasons that more and more leading brands are choosing MRMK to manufacture their machine knives.


As the point above about InfiniteEdge® makes clear, MRMK is always looking to innovate.

Being based in the global home of steel production, MRMK continually seeks out new ways to improve our products. Whether it’s InfiniteEdge® or any other innovation that’s on the horizon, by working with MRMK you can be assured that you’ll be benefiting from thought leadership, innovation and sheer enthusiasm!


Being based in the home of steel has other advantages too. Most notably, we have world-leading experts in metallurgy, materials science, abrasives and cutting applications close at hand.

Between our team, we have over 100 years of collective experience working with machine knives.

Remember, not all machine knife manufacturers are created equal. The old adage that you get what you pay for also applies.

Here at MRMK you’ll not only get machine blades at unbeatable prices, but you’ll get blades which have been designed and crafted by some of the most experienced and expert minds in the industry.

We are certainly no general machine shop – instead, we are completely dedicated to the art of crafting the very best machine knives.

More than business

Whilst we take the business of designing and manufacturing machine knives seriously, we also know that it’s not the be all and end all of life.

As a company, we are serious about supporting good causes and contributing to communities.

We support many charitable causes each year. From sponsored cake mornings to local fundraisers, we’ve raised thousands of pounds over the years to support those who need support in our communities.

Charities and causes that we’ve supported include; Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Weston Park Cancer Charity, Stand Up to Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Our USPs

As you have (hopefully!) gathered from this article, we are passionate about what we do here at MRMK.

We know that whilst machine knives may only be a small component in the overall food and drink processing journey, they really can make a BIG difference.

And that’s where we come to our unique selling propositions (USPs). Getting the right machine knives for your machinery and plant will not only reduce the downtime that your operations experience, but will also save you time and money.

Find out how out MRMK can boost your business today

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