What are the different types of packaging machine knives?
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16 August 2021
Packaging machine knives are the backbone of any packaging plant. They are designed in ways that allow them to easily cut through tough packaging products like plastic, cardboard or paper without tearing, shredding or damaging the material.

Machine knives used in packaging must be up to the task and able to process and package thousands of products each hour.

These small yet significant components are used in industries such as those that deal with fresh, frozen or dry food products as well as pharmaceuticals such as medicines and equipment. Packaging can involve the use of plastic, cardboard and paper as well as thin films, all of which require precision cutting to fit neatly over or around products on the production line. All of these packaging processes are undertaken at speed and as such, quality machine knives are essential.

Choosing the right blade to achieve the best performance is important.

The more knowledge you have about the different types of machine knives available for packaging, the better informed your purchasing decisions will be. Tray sealer knives, teabag packing knives, scissor knives to cut labels from rolls or sealing jaws within a VFFS machine are all types of knives that make the production line run smoothly (or not if you choose the wrong type).

Before exploring some of the different types of knives used in packaging, be aware that consumers are increasingly looking for new and innovative packaging methods which are kinder on the environment. Blades must therefore be selected to not only meet current demand but changing preferences and consumer buying habits in the future. With so many new products entering today’s marketplace, producers need an adequate supply of machine knives that serve a variety of purposes.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the different types of machine knives that are available.

Guillotine Knives

This type of cutting knife is perfect for paper, cardboard and many other packaging materials.

A guillotine knife will cut material either within a cut-off application or on a swing style guillotine. Used in many different industries, these blades are particularly suitable for:

  • Film and Foil – When it comes to cutting with precision, guillotine knives are an excellent choice. Precision cutting is important and when working with delicate materials, the cutting performance must be exceptional.
  • Paper and Cardboard – As well as films and foils, guillotine knives are ideal for paper packaging or cardboard. Featuring a precision cutting edge, they can tackle the most demanding of production environments and are able to handle repeated and prolonged cutting.


Cut-off Knives

Cut-off knives are some of the most important tools in a packaging operation. They help maintain efficiency and precision while cutting through cardboard or plastic packaging materials with ease. Cut-off knives must be manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel to prevent deterioration and weakness with prolonged use. They also must be resistant to corrosion and able to serve a long lifespan. Furthermore, customising cut-off knives can also reduce waste which achieves greater cost savings and efficiencies for your packaging line.

Tray Knives

Tray knives, like many of the other types of knives, must be precise. They are suitable for cutting plastic packaging on ready meals, or even paper on snack food pots. When the tray seal knife is operating as it should, the tool will create an airtight seal preventing the contents inside from spoiling and maintaining their condition through to being purchased by the customer.

With tray knives, you need them to stay sharp over the long term, even after repeated use. Whether it’s an off the shelf knife or one that’s more custom built to meet your operation, they have lots of uses and they are essential for packaging.

Vertical Bagging Knives

Our bagging knives are the perfect tool for cutting packaging materials. They can be customized at your request to match the needs of any machine, allowing you to work faster with a sharper blade. Bagging knives are great for scoring, slitting, perforating and cutting materials with precision and speed – two features essential in a fast-paced production line.

Bagging knives have been designed specifically by manufacturing experts to maximize efficiency when working with different types of packaging material. With these customizable blades available as well as the option to choose from stainless steel or carbon steel options that come sharpened out-of-the-box so they’re ready right away for use on any type or size package – there’s absolutely no reason not to restock.

Slitter Knives

In the manufacture of packaging materials like paper and plastic, slitter knives are an important tool. These blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom made to meet your machine’s specifications. The design features of the circular blades mean that they can cut through many different types of packaging materials. Each blade features a sharp edge designed specifically for use with packaging, so you know they are a product that meets the demands of a busy packaging and production line.

Perforating Knives

The final type of knife is known as the perforating knife. This is a specialist tool that can be used on corrugated boxes, paper or plastic packaging and much more, to ensure ease of opening or better functioning for the customer. They are used to improve the unboxing experience. Performing simple tasks like cutting through paper isn’t always easy; many packaging tasks require specialist tools. Perforating knives are just one of them and when used in the packaging process they can deliver excellent results, both for the manufacturer and the consumer.

Manufacturing knives for packaging must be cost-effective, reliable and most importantly efficient, to provide the necessary cutting operations to keep everything running smoothly.

If you would like to find out more about our packaging machine knives, feel free to browse our pages for further details or contact our team.


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