Choosing the right industrial blade supplier for your operations
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17 August 2021
Industrial blades are essential for the manufacturing process but choosing the wrong blade can be a costly mistake. Your investment should be made on a blade that meets strict design and industry specifications, while being manufactured with the highest quality materials. Both of these things combined will ensure that you have a reliable blade that can keep your production line fully operational.

What’s the difference between a good industrial blade and a great one?

The supplier you work with.

There are lots of ways to make sure that the blades you buy are from the right supplier as they are not all created equally.

Blade design has evolved considerably since the early days of them being introduced. But these changes were necessary to cope with modern-day production line demands and to deliver the performance and efficiency that operations need to produce and package thousands of products on an hourly basis.

Blades must be available in different sizes, shapes, and materials for specific industrial applications.

Tasks such as cutting plastic or metal without causing damage to the material must be achievable with the industrial blade. Some suppliers will also provide custom design services to deliver an industrial blade that is tailored to your machines.

For decades, manufacturing companies have relied on industrial blades to complete their work. Blades are an essential part of the process because different procedures require a specific type and quality of blade that is durable enough for heavy-duty tasks like cutting thick materials or slicing through thin pieces.

Furthermore, blades are a critical part of the world’s food supply and need to be sharp when installed and remain sharp over a long period of time to deliver the consistent level of performance that is needed by today’s production lines.

But what does all this have to do with choosing a supplier?

A lot.

The best suppliers are those who are constantly working on the design and quality standards of their blades. This will involve not only using the most creative design processes and technologies but using a combination of materials to increase their strength such as ceramic blends or powdered steels.

Finding the right supplier who you can trust to deliver industrial blades that you can rely on can be a challenge, but luckily this guide will walk you through all you need to know about choosing the right one for you.

Choosing Suppliers for Industrial Blades

For manufacturers, reliable cutting solutions are essential. That’s why the supplier you choose really does make all the difference. The blades must not only meet your needs but be customised to suit your machines. Not all suppliers can do this.

Our design team place a huge amount of effort and resources into designing premium quality blades that are not only customised to meet your machine but are designed to maximise performance and longevity.

All of these things are carefully considered before production begins. When they arrive with our customers, there’s no second-guessing as to whether they will operate as expected, our customers have complete peace of mind, knowing what to expect, a seamless production line with blades that deliver consistent results time after time.

One-Stop Shop

When choosing a supplier, check whether they just supply the blades or whether they actually manufacture and address all of your production needs such as providing custom blades for different operations and functions.

No matter what you are looking for: blades that cut through paper or plastic-like butter; smooth-cutting edges for meat products; long-lasting industrial grade stainless steel blades – does your supplier have you covered?

Are the blades made with precision and care across the entire range, do they make sure each blade is made from high-quality materials, so they last as long as possible and most importantly, are the blades cost-effective and suitable for the specific needs of your production or packaging line?

These are all questions to consider as part of the buying journey. Do you have complete confidence in the products and your supplier?

The best suppliers of blades will offer a variety of solutions for any industry or production line. Some examples include blades that can be used to cut through paper, plastic and foil for convenience foods, cut-off blades for meat manufacturers, or vertical bagging machine blades designed with precision in mind for snack producers.

Common industry uses include:

Food Production

The food industry is an ever-changing and expanding field which is influenced by changing customer demands. Along with the innovation, there comes a need for new technologies to be developed in order to keep up with customer preferences and the best suppliers are always ahead of the trend and aware of the latest technologies. One such technology being introduced include blades that can withstand harsher conditions without compromising their quality or cutting ability which is essential for production environments.

These blades find themselves on all sorts of processing equipment from meat slicers, fish gutters, and various other applications including cheese slicers and poultry deboners. From slicing through meat, to chopping up chicken and seafood through to cutting baked goods or dairy products, suppliers should stock a variety of blades to support your production or packaging lines.

Automated Packaging

If you choose a supplier for your blades such as us, we design and manufacture speciality cutting blades for the automated packaging industry. Our designs include job-specific requirements, such as horizontal form fill features, vertical sealing applications, wrappings, and pouches with tear notch features to allow flexibility in application.

Specialised blades like our zigzag blade that produces a fast-opening speed for consumers are perfect for jobs requiring clean openings on your product’s seams or perforations without compromising the integrity of its container when you need it most.

Whether it’s creating the perfect tear notch for an easily-open package or designing zigzag patterns to seal up those bags, we’ve got what you need right here. That’s why we are one of the most trusted suppliers of machine blades that you can find.

If your blade has become worn down after repeated use, this might be why it’s not performing like usual and reducing production time without sacrificing quality.

While our blades last a long time, they don’t last forever. Working with a worn blade can decrease productivity and result in less than perfect operations.

Never compromise on the quality of your blades and buy from a reputable supplier.

To find out more about our custom blades for your business, contact our team or browse our product pages to learn more about what we offer.


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