Everything You Need to Know About Tray Seal Knives
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20 July 2023
hoosing the right tray seal knives for your business is essential for ensuring smooth operations and quality output. Tray seal knives are used in various industries, including food packaging and processing, and are critical in ensuring the integrity of the products being packaged. In this article, we will explore the different types of tray seal knives, factors to consider when choosing the right knives, and the benefits of using the right knives for your business.

What are Tray Seal Knives used for?

Tray seal knives are used in the sealing process of packaging products. These knives are used to trim the excess material and create a clean seal that prevents air and moisture from entering the package. These knives come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own unique features and applications. The two primary types of tray seal knives are rotary tray seal knives and straight tray seal knives, both offering distinct advantages depending on the packaging requirements.

What are the features and benefits of Tray Seal Knives?

Tray seal knives possess several essential features that contribute to their effectiveness and efficiency in packaging operations. High-quality tray seal knives are crafted with precision and durability in mind.

Key features include:

  • Sharp and durable blades: The blades of tray seal knives are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and resistance to wear.
  • Precision cutting: Tray seal knives are engineered to provide clean and precise cuts, resulting in a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish to the packaging.
  • Versatility: Tray seal knives are suitable for a wide range of packaging materials, including plastic, foam, and cardboard, making them versatile tools for various industries.

The benefits of using tray seal knives are numerous:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Tray seal knives streamline the packaging process, allowing for quick and accurate cutting and sealing, ultimately increasing production efficiency.
  • Improved product quality: With precise cutting and sealing capabilities, tray seal knives ensure that products are securely packaged, minimising the risk of damage or contamination.
  • Cost-effective: Investing in high-quality tray seal knives leads to long-term cost savings as they are durable and require minimal maintenance.

What are the types of Tray Seal Films?

  1. Peelable: This type of film can be effortlessly removed in one attempt with minimal effort.
  2. Resealable: Consumers can open and reseal this film multiple times, maintaining product freshness and convenience.
  3. MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging): This film is equipped with micro-perforations, controlling the flow of oxygen to extend the shelf life of perishable items.

What industries commonly use Tray Seal Knives?

  1. Coffee / Tea
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Dairy
  4. Household / Cleaning products
  5. Meats / Seafood / Poultry
  6. Medical
  7. Personal Care
  8. Pet Foods
  9. Pharmaceutical
  10. Ready Meals
  11. Salads / Vegetables / Fruits
  12. Sauces / Hummus

How to Choose the Right Tray Seal Knives for Your Business

Choosing the right tray seal knives is essential for any business that deals with packaging products. The right knives can improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce the risk of product contamination. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • Materials: Consider the type of packaging materials you will be using and the frequency of use.
  • Blade type: Evaluate whether a rotary tray seal knife or a straight tray seal knife best suits your requirements based on the type of packaging material and cutting style needed.
  • Size and compatibility: Ensure the knife’s dimensions and specifications align with the trays and packaging machinery used in your operations.
  • Application-specific features: Some tray seal knives offer specialised features like adjustable depth settings, ergonomic designs, or compatibility with specific packaging systems. Assess these features to find the most suitable option.

Other factors to consider include the type of seal you require, the level of precision required, and the environment in which the knives will be used. For example, if you are packaging food products, you will need to choose knives that are food-grade and can withstand the rigours of food processing.

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What is the average pricing range for tray seal knives?

The costs do vary depending on your specific requirements. The material, shape and size of the knife will be determined by the machines you use and the products/materials you are using.

Can tray seal knives be customised to specific requirements?

Yes, is the short answer. MRMK offer both standard solutions for most common OEMs and also fully bespoke knife designs specific to your requirements. You can discuss your needs such as blade size, shape, cutting profile, and fixing method.

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