MRMK launches new blade coating technology at Anuga FoodTec
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10 March 2022
Sheffield, 9 March 2022: MRMK, a leading Industrial machine knife manufacturer, announced that it will be unveiling InfinitEdge, a ground-breaking new blade coating technology at Anuga FoodTec 2022.

InfinitEdge is the first blade coating technology to be engineered in-house by MRMK and has been created to meet a growing demand across the food production and packaging industry for a longer and more consistent machine blade performance.

According to MRMK, the new blade coating technology has been designed to outlast all other blade coatings when cutting non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, plastics and food materials and when applied to industrial blades will deliver precision cuts and enhanced durability, increasing the overall lifespan of the blades throughout the production process and reducing cost per blade.

The company’s product and service offerings in the industry continue to strengthen, fuelled by MRMK’s plans to revolutionise and modernise the traditional machine knife industry globally.

“We engineer and supply machines knives for leading brands in the food, packaging, processing and converting industries and we know from their feedback that having blades they can rely on is integral to running a smooth production line – they can’t afford any down time” said Jack Bailey, MRMK Sales Director “Our engineers created the InfinitEdge to directly address this challenge, developing a blade coating technology that improves blade performance, the lifespan of the blades and ultimately bigger costs savings over time for our customers.”

During this year´s Anuga Foodtec exhibition MRMK will be presenting its full range of industrial machine knife solutions, giving attendees the opportunity to experience InfinitEdge in-person.

Visit MRMK at Anuga Foodtec: Hall 8.1, Stand: C-041


About MRMK

MRMK is a South Yorkshire based manufacturer of machine knives, founded in 2008 by Michael Bailey and Ricco Ten Hove. The Company supplies a diverse range of knives for the food processing and packaging industries, including both off the shelf and custom designed products for specific needs. MRMK exports its products globally, with a large customer base of over 500 clients. Its products are made from various steel types sourced from ISO 9001:2008 accredited suppliers.

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