Meet MRMK: Adam Heath, Business Development Executive
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2 February 2022
Welcome to the very first edition of Meet MRMK, where we introduce you to the fantastic people on our team and make MRMK a great place to work. First up is Adam Heath, Business Development Executive. Adam has played a huge role in levelling up our sales function. He currently helps MRMK’s northern-based customers to improve their operations, reduce downtime and save money on blade spend. Ready to meet Adam? Let’s go ⬇️

Editor’s note: The following has been edited for clarity.

To start, can you tell me a little bit about your role at MRMK and what are you responsible for?

AH: I am responsible for increasing sales in the North of the UK, helping our customers to take full advantage of our whole product range and services. Allowing them to identify opportunities to make savings on their blade spend and improving operational efficiencies whilst simultaneously reducing downtime.

Why did you decide to get into your current job role?

AH: I’ve also ways enjoyed working with and learning about different industries. At MRMK, we engineer machine blades across automotive, medical, food, plastics, metals and more – so I get quite a deep insight into their operations and how best to serve them.

Why did you decide to join MRMK?

AH: MRMK are the fastest-growing company in the industrial machine knife manufacturing market and are on a mission to really change the industry for the better, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to join and learn about a new product market within the manufacturing industry.

What’s the thing that you most enjoy about your role at MRMK?

AH: I really enjoy going out on-site, visiting customers and meeting new people. You get a really good sense of their operational challenges and meeting face to face helps to build better long-term relationships.

What’s been your favourite project to work on at MRMK?

AH: There’s been a lot! Probably going to the very top of Scotland for days at a time to support our customers in the fish industry. It’s a great experience and it was fantastic to get the opportunity to see their operations in action and showed them that MRMK are willing to go the extra mile and do the things our competitors won’t.

What’s makes MRMK’s approach different to other machine knife manufacturers?

AH: What makes MRMK really stand out is our commitment and focus on product quality and after-sales service, which is like nothing else in the machine knife industry.

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know?

AH: I’m a suffering Arsenal supporter!

What three words describe MRMK?

AH: Quality, Consistent, Reliable

What makes MRMK a great company to work for?

AH: The vast amount of markets and industries we can supply, keeps things new and interesting and there are always new customer challenges that we can support them to overcome.

What do you think creates a great customer experience?

AH: I think the key ingredients are being easy to contact, supplying a high-quality product and offering cost savings to the customers without sacrificing quality versus the OEM.

What advice do you have for prospective MRMK candidates?

AH: Go for it! Come and join a fast-growing company with global growth ambition.


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